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4th-Jul-2008 03:52 pm - It's been a while
006. oral sex for dummies (shige)

It's almost been a year since I posted in this blog

I did not forget you. 


Date: 07/04/2008
Subject: Magic Scrub

Hello hello~♪

Wouldn't you say that today is a day you would call a 'summer day'


フフフ聖人[his character's name]もどんどん仕掛けて行きますよ~  (http://www.tokai-tv.com/shirotokuro/)

*mmm this part I don't really know how to translate since I didn't watch his drama
BTW the drama's called Shirotokuro ~~


I immediately tried out the body scrub I got at yesterday's "SABON" reception party.




Further more

It's magic!!

My body is clean and shiny to the point that it shocked me!The scabs on my body in one go!!And it has a vanilla scent♪ Aside from the body scrub I got an aroma candle, cleansing etc since there's so much stuff everyone's trying to carry them. I will bring in a sweet scent tomorrow at the location.(^^)

As expected, it's become a topic for conversaion in NY

Seriously surprising!

Well then, let's meet (insert his name from Shiro to kuro), next week Monday!

19th-Jul-2007 11:07 am - Off?!

Haro Haro~♪

From now, it's filming ~(^O^)/


So i thought but I was wrong.
Today we're done.
I'm going to miss it since it ended so early like this.
I went to the gym, watched a DVD, going to sleep early~☆

28th-Jun-2007 08:40 pm - Yakult

Haro haro~♪

I'm on my way home.

Today something that made me happy happened!
So during lunch the Soba store that I asked for was catering. Today I always ask him to deliver and he says "thank you for this service! I will work hard!!" and put the yakult on me.
It made me really happy, and the soba was really yummy. This afternoon I also worked hard during filming.

This slight kindness makes me feel good! (^O^)/

Tomorrow, from the morning, I wil work hard!!
27th-Jun-2007 08:15 pm - Late at night

Haro haro~♪

Today, we're filming.
It's going to be a long night . . .

I'm gonna work hard!!
25th-Jun-2007 11:09 pm - 3 entries in one :O
SLOWLY backlogging entries!!

Haro haro~♪

To be honest this is the first I'm seeing this
So embarassing…f^_^;

Studying hard...yep
It seems old school theatre is hard(>_<)!!
You know he's talking about that old school drama thing

But this alone, there's no practice or lesson~。I don't have enough experience~I think!!

boring stuff I dont want to translate. ROFLMAO or like, I dont know who they are.

Right now the phone e-mail's on parade!!
I saw glad I was able to show it to everyone(^O^)/
Even my grandmother cried while I was on the phone、she said she was glad to have a good grandson~♪

I want to perform again(^O^)☆

Date: 06/24/2007

Haro haro~♪

It rained~。
but since the filming took place it side, it was good☆

Upon going home I went to Donky's perfume corner, there were a lot of mini sized perfume lined up!!
In the picture is my favourite perfume/cologne『DOLCE&GABBANA Lightblue』!!I've been using that for two years.

Date: 06/23/2007

Haro Haro~♪

Today I went out with Hiro Kabuto and Kato ...the make up dood who I haven't seen in a while.~♪
We had so much fun we forgot to take pictures(^O^)/
Anyway here's a service shot of me going into the bath.

After all, meeting my Kabuto members is good ~to be honest, we're gonna have fun.

Tomorrow from the morning is filming!
Hiro and Kato are working hard, I, as well, will not lose and work hard!!
22nd-Jun-2007 09:30 pm - Rainy Season

Haro haro~♪

It's raining on the eight day after Tokyo entered the rainy season,
Tomorrow it was forecasted for rain but it doesn't seem it will be long-lasting…。

What will happen to the earth。

Today, before it rained, we went to the gym, went shopping, finished the whole day before it rained. (^O^)/
I've been listening to music through headphones lately~♪
I've been listening to Stevie Wonder all through the morning while shaking on the full train!!
I have a few resserved feelings~( ̄▽ ̄)

This was a splendid recommendation♪
21st-Jun-2007 09:44 pm - fragrance
Sorry I haven't translated the ones from two days ago!!!! ごめん!

Haro haro~♪

They've put out the plums in the supermarket recently ne~☆
I really like the smell of plums~o(^-^)o
Of course, I also like the taste
I am going into the cold bath and taking a bite of my cold plum!!

Watermelon season is coming soon, I'm kinda excited(>_<)!!
It seems like I've been talking about fruits for two days in a row♪

That's coz I really like them☆
BACK DATES!!! asdfghjkl I had other things to do. SORRY [it's not like anyone is reading . . .]
http://www.wishfulthinkingco.com !!!!!!!

Date: June 18, 2007


Today was my first time playing on the PS3. 
Well, not just the Wii, not just the PS3, lately games are of high quality.
So I haven't played on the DS (-_-)

...! Σ( ̄□ ̄|||)
I wonder how HoroHoro city will be like . . .

Did you watch today's Mitokoumon?
To give you a preview of next week, we're going to be washed away.~♪
Enjoy it! 


Date: June 17, 2007


Since shooting ended early today, we went to Shibuya and Harajuku. Then we went to drink to celebrate victory on Toranomon. I HAVE NO IDEA. 
We inspected the scene of the crime. . . 
Ah! I wanna play baseball (>_<)!! I swear he is sooo random. wtf

If I say I've lived for this one drink, it wouldn't be an exaggeration. . . it's enough to make me happy.
16th-Jun-2007 02:26 pm - キャベタレ

Haro Haro~♪

..it hurts. Poor boy is so sensitive
The sun's rays seriously hurt. (>_<)!
Well today I went out only once to go to the Convenient Store since it's my day off

Oh yeah.

Do you guys know this!? "Cabbage no Umatare"
On this late night tv program Shizuka Kudo introduced it and when I saw it I thought about buying it~☆

It's really delicious. Cabbage juice. . . . .
Lately the small animals are eating only cabbage (^O^)/
By all means, make sure to try it~♪
15th-Jun-2007 10:36 pm - 冷し中華始めました

Haro Haro~♪

It seems...it stopped raining in Tokyo. Although they've been saying we're entering rainy season on TV since yesterday ~(-_-)

Well it's better than rain!

Today we've also been taking pictures all day, it was this year's first time to eat cool chinese food.
After all, summer is about cool chinese food ~☆
Yummy, I'm gonna eat it! (^O^)/
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